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UNSC, Ufficio Nazionale per il Servizio Civile
Ministero della Solidarietà Sociale
Agenzia Nazionale Italiana Gioventù


Agenzia per lo Sviluppo del Non Profit
ICP, Innovation in Civic Participation
AVSO, Association of Voluntary Service Organisations
CSV, UK largest volunteering and training organization


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EBCO, European Bureu for Conscientious Objection
HESTIA supports and furthers the concept of volunteering in the Czech Republic.
Volunteurope, a European network consisting of more than 1200 organisations, operating in social and civil commitment. Their targets are represented by Volonteurope on an European level.
Directorate General for Education and Culture, Aims to reinforce and promote lifelong learning, linguistic and cultural diversity, mobility and the engagement of European citizens, in particular the young.